Blacklight: Retribution Player Models

So here’s release V1 of the BLR Players. This contains:

12x Male models (Dude, Dude2, Dude3 and Dude4 + Cyan and Orange lighted versions of each)
6x Female models (Dudette and Dudette2 + Cyan and Orange lighted versions of each)
14x Seperate Helmet models (No alternative light colours for these)
8x Weapon props (9mm Pistol + Mag, Assault Rifle + Mag, Tactical SMG + Mag and Bolt Action + Mag)

There’s still some things that will likely need tweaked, so tell me if you notice any particular problems (mainly rigging) and I’ll get on it.

Here’s a list of bugs I do know about, though:

  • The head clips with the necks of at least one body. Can’t fix this without giving that body it’s own head.
  • Lamps will turn Cyan/Orange lighting white. Again, can’t be fixed unless the colours get their own textures (that isn’t happening)
  • Guns and Helmets apparently don’t work in SFM. Working on fixing this.


Taggart - Porting, hacking up, setting up, etc
Wraithcat - Help with first versions
Lt_Commander - Making the textures sexy as FUCK, Testing
Squiddy - Help with problems during testing
Ninja Nub - Help with problems during testing, Testing
Fussy! - Official Tester, Thread Banner
Zombie Studios - Original models and textures and shit



Mediafire - Part 1 - Part 2
Workshop - Coming when Workshopper stops being a pile of shit - Coming when I can be arsed

Mmm yes a quality release.

Nice as always taggart!

Good release as always. Well done.


the day has finally come!
nice work taggart i wish i could rate winner more than once

Well then, Finally.
The wait endured.

Thank you very much for at long last, it has been released.

dropbox link is 509’d

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Too much traffic?


Damn you Dropfuck.

Anyways, great release bro. It was a worth the wait.

Shit, 509’d.


-snip, sorry dude. i thought it was a seperate release-

uh, now? try reading?

also, no new links

workshopper won’t work, and won’t work either

so y’all are gonna have to wait for Dropbox to unfuck until I can get an alternative mirror up.

Mediafire, or something close.
And remove the dropbox link, it’ll get downloaded too much again and extend the suspension even more.

mediafire is a no go, file too big


fuck no unless you want to be downloading an rar full of furry porn in a week

trying mediafire with part split rars, so three links

shall post when uploaded

So when this does go back online, I can just say that I am incredibly happy these are out the door. I put a good 20-25 hours over 7 months making custom masks and vmts to bring out everything I could in the textures, and I consider the work some of my best.

Since all of taggart’s files are 509’d, here’s some pics from my dropbox. No mirror, sorry. My computer has been acting up and I don’t even have access to early version files.[/t]