Blacklight Retribution: Ripped Weapons and

This is my very first time porting on this site, I had to think on what I wanted to share with everybody; This is where the Blacklight: Retribution Weapon models comes in. I took some time to rip the models from the game, such as different stocks, magazines and receivers. Adding on to this, I also added in some pre-built weapons into the mix as well as a melee weapon or two, like the Breach Hammer for example. Here are some examples. (Do forgive me for the crummy pictures, I wanted to share what I can. )

This is just a few on what I was working on. I will provide two links, one that has what I was working on and attempting to rig and the other, is what I have ripped from the game (So far.) I want to make a good first impression, so with that said, I hope you lot enjoy the ripped models and if anything, I might rip a few more stuff in the near future. All models has their textures with them, in the event that they are not, I can try to do something about it. Finally,

Final Note: Maybe one of you has the ability to rig the models? Up to you in the end, I do not force anybody and after all, isn’t this a hobby?

Just a warning: The joined files is around 107MB while the Blacklight Retribution ripped files, compressed, is 384MB, unzipped, it’s roughly 2.55 GB (I think.) You’ve been warned.

My works + Customized weapons:!j90hRR5Q!pz7VGUfiwCjd7IdClynMOk4TnG02D38gYYCl55Zli9I

Currently Ripped Files:!vgswTDpS!x8BmQxJre3s9D3EYhzYast7Oq0idEjYEUKlSWvgXJEA

Here’s hoping to see some of these items and weapons converted for Source Filmmaker and Garry’s Mod Use; something for both parties. Do keep in mind, these files are in PSK format and the link to My current works has files in OBJ. MTL and/or FBX for some, if not, most of them. They also have Mesh files for XNAlara, should one wants to post them over to there. And if the lot of you do somehow rig the models and Prop it ready for Source, then post the progress on this page and whatnot.

With that, I bid all of you, farewell and enjoy the parts. If you have any questions or want to show me the progress, then don’t be afraid to comment, I’ll try to answer as best as I can.