Blacklight Retribution - Vehicles (MAX2010 format)

Blacklight Retribution Vehicles in 3D Studio Max 2010 format with TGA textures (no registration needed, just click download)

Included in the RAR file is:

  • Balik Panda (with and without turret)
  • Balik Cruiser
  • Mini Car
  • Mini Van
  • Bus
  • Compact Car
  • Chopper
  • Bicycle
  • Scooter
  • Styrka
  • Spider Tank
  • Scorpion
  • Truck (Cargo Truck, Box Truck, Dump Truck, Flatloaded Truck, Garbage Truck and Military Truck)
  • And weapon crates as a bonus

I’ve also created a public DropBox folder with RAR files that contain TGA textures en OBJ files and a screenshot for each model. Included so far are: <if it doesn’t work, let me know! I’ve only used DropBox for the first time today :slight_smile:

Balik Cruiser

Balik panda

Spider Tank






Weapon Crates

Further updates will be included in the OP but pictures will be posted in a seperate post!

Make those models into .obj format. That should be useful for most people who doesn’t have 2010 Max or older.

Will do! Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: Are gun-parts usefull btw? Because B:R has a whole lot of gunparts!

That would depend on who would be using them for whatever project, but guns and/or gun parts would be useful for some people.

All the gun parts would be extremely useful, i mean you can make a endless amount of variations for them. They’re also props wich is very user-friendly for the person who wants to start modelling.

Exellent work so far!

Vehicles are props too… Unless you want to ragdoll the wheels or something…

ragdolled wheels would be neat actually
unless they just dingle dangle

If you could just post them as OBJs and PSKs, that’d probably work out better for people who want to ragdoll these. Static vehicles are super boring.

OP is updated with a public DropBox link where you guys can find the OBJ files. I have also included screenshots so that you know what exactly you are downloading. Happy modding! Gunparts are coming in the next few days!

Is this stuff usable on garrysmod as of now, or still in development?

You could just post the .psk files. There is an importer for nearly every version of max and maya (not sure about blender), and it keeps the bones and weights. FBX or SMD would be fine as well.

No, you can’t use it in GMod, in it’s current state.

Aw…is there anyone working on it? I played Blacklight retribution and loved the vehicle designs a lot!

Probably not, and they never will. And if they do? They’ll give up. Best to forget about it until a release topic pops up.

I know this is an old post but can someone re-upload the files. It would be greatly appreciated, Thx.

Milkshape can import PSK files if Blender can’t, which means you can export it in one of dozens of other formats. Blender should be compatible with a couple of them.