Hello through my question I will be reffering to DarkRP.

How do I create a blacklist?

I need a pocket blacklist and a drop blacklist. Any help?

[lua]local blacklist = {

Generally a blacklist if just a table. However, implementing it isn’t as simple as just making a table named blacklist. You need to go into whatever functions you need, like putting things in your pocket, and modify it so that if the thing you’re trying to pick up is in the blacklist then you don’t let them.

That’s not what I meant. I meant like to prevent people from dropping an item and another one to prevent people from pocketing an item.

sigh I’m not going to edit DarkRP for you. Nobody will. You get to figure that out. I would start by learning a little bit about Lua.

I didn’t ask you to edit DarkRP for me. All I wanted is a little bit of help and if you are not willing to do that then just don’t post.

If your going to have that attitude when he just gave you a big hint, then don’t post to start with?

I think he wants someone to make him an easily editable items blacklist, if I’m right then I think you shall follow entoros advice.

He helped you perfectly well. You’re just being too arrogant to notice. Nobody here will spoon feed you a DarkRP edit, you’ll have to do the majority of it yourself. He gave you the basics, you need to do the rest.

I’d like to know why half of these threads seem to be some form of modification of DarkRP anyway.