BlackMac's SB3 Server

BlackMac’s SB3 Server

IP Adress: – Click on the IP to connect

Gamemode: SB3/SpaceBuild 3
Slots: 12

sb_wuwgalaxy - Link Here! If this link doesn’t work Download This One
sb_new_worlds_2 - Link Here!
sb_gooniverse - Link Here!

Counter Strike: Source


SB3/LS3 Stuff - Link Here!

SBEP - Link Here

Stargate - Link Here

Stargate Weapons - Link Here

Stargate Addon Pack - Link Here

SG Models - Link Here!

Wire - Link Here!

PHX - Link Here!

We also have a few small addons which will be downloaded automatically when you connect to the server

More Info:

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the server you can add me on steam or email me at We look forward to seeing you on the server!

Currently we only have 1 Spacebuild server, but we are planning on getting more servers to make a community/clan in the future.

Our Team:

BlackMac - The Owner

Buster Machine no 7 - Super Admin


I frequently join this server :smiley: it has good addons to play spacebuild on.

Vote “Yes” to epic server!

Wow this is brilliant. Both new accounts, and one of them only has 1 post… suspicious

And u dont even have an avatar… Just because they dont use facepunch they can be good guys! So i rated u dumb(ass)…

You are a admin on the server, have 1 post, and joined today. 99% chance he linked you here, telling you to post something good.

The best thing to do is not to assume anything. If you assume, you will end up making an ass out of you and me, ASS|U|ME. The owner might have asked them to post in the thread, but who knows, perhaps he asked them to be honest?

Actually I have joined before this was posted and I only created this account to post on the help section for help.

I didn’t tell them anything.They decided to post i just gave them the links to check it out…

Sorry guys, it was my idea to make a community, BlackMack just seemed to have extened it to FP… I am also too lazy to post an avatar. I admit I did only just join, but It was of my own volition to comment.


Note on the server: Jumpers and 302’s have been disabled to increase stability.

Server is down indefinetly, due to financial issues.