BlackMesa Mounting

Hi Guys at Facepunch (ESPECIALLY DEVS)

Please could you mount the BlacMesa Source mod onto Gmod. This would include all the textures, weapons, ents, etc.
I really loved BlackMesa and it is a shame that it is the only cool source game not mounted in Gmod.

I am sure that lots of other would like this to.

If you like this idea, rate me something like Agree or Win or Zing.

THoughts/Ideas/Suggestions for this idea please. Devs, please comment.



P.S. Not sure if something like this was posted before, I havent seen it.

The BM:S devs don’t exactly support the use of their content in Garry’s Mod. It probably won’t happen.

Ok, well, surely if they are using source engine, and hl2 stuff can be in gmod, why not BMS stuff?

I agree it would be cool if it was mounted. Wasnt there a addon a while back that let you mount any Source engine content, but it broke and the developer never got to fixing it?