BlackMesa_Abdominal Research. WIP

This is my work in progress map (Abdominal Research). It is a (black mesa) themed map that i still have alot to do on, But just posting to see what you guys think of it. It is my ‘First’ ever map and just getting into the basics of hammer editor.

I have posted this to see what you guys think of it and what i could improve. Constructive criticism would also be appreciated as i am very new to all this and could add more detail etc…

The facility will also include:

Science Labs
Test Lab
Security Sector

Here is the map so far: Updated/Added lighting

Why is it called Abdominal research?

First screenshot has a misaligned texture on the corner, and the third screenshot has an atrocious dark grey concrete that I recommend changing.

I can’t judge too much more without lighting, but overall it looks great.

They’re researching the chest cavity, obviously

It looks good. Much better then most first maps.

To be honest i dont even know, Thought it sounded black mesa like, but now that i think of it, it sounds like the dentist. Looks like i need a better name.

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Thanks, What dark concrete. The door entrance or the walls with the blue stripe on it?

all of the half life games were named after physics phenomena, so call it something “sciencey” like quantum tunneling, diffraction, interference, schrodinger, hesienberg, exclusion principle… etc.
just not abdominal.
nobody cares about abs

and also please compile your maps before screenshotting them, you can’t get a good idea of the finalised map

okay thanks ill suss something out, And the map has been compiled?

Yeah, that looks really noisy and bad. try a lighter color with less noise.

Looks good for a first map! Keep up the good work! We need more Black Mesa/HL1 themed maps :smiley:

I have to say thats a very nice tram station you made, but remember if you are making a large map, you can not go too crazy with details otherwise you eat up your brush budget pretty quickly.


Thanks, I wasnt sure on how big to make it and worried incase it lagged. So i will try add minimum amount of detail.