New map BlackMesa_C1a2c

This is an edited version of the blackmesa source map ‘C1a2c’.


  • Credits
    Black Mesa Source Team
    L2D x Ghost for editing.

Legal notice: Black Mesa Source is under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license, meaning we’re permitted to edit and adapt their work.

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In screenshot two, what’s with the random brick wall?

Your map is probably leaked, as the lighting in your second screesnshot didn’t bounce onto the ceiling. :stuck_out_tongue:

The brick wall is from the original map thats in black mesa source.

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I was unsure on what was causing that problem.

Yeah, I just thought it looked a bit out of place.

That being said, other than what TFlippy pointed out I think it looks great.

Yeah ill try find the leaks throughout the map and sort them, thanks.

Just thought I’d mention, that ramp [the road] is extremely steep. I’d be surprised if anyone could even walk up it without looking silly

I believe it’s a painted cinderblock support column that protrudes beyond the wall slightly. There are four others visible through the door on the left.

so, what’s different? it looks like you just cut and pasted this map from your BMS folder

Looks like it has been cleaned up to a state before the Resonance Cascade, for cinematic purposes.
Not a bad idea, considering I haven’t seen many maps around based on Black Mesa in a clean state.

I have cleaned up the gore, fixed some lighting, fixed broken parts of the map, combined part of another map with it and sealed it off so it is playable and doesn’t load onto the next level.

in other words, tried to make it look as if it was before everything had went wrong in black mesa.

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That was what i was trying to acheive, thanks.