Blackout (Decepticon) attacks a US military base

Yep, the CH-53 transport helicopter transformer attacking a US compound.

My edit.[/media]

My friend’s, Simspelaaja’s, edit.


Original and overview of the scene.

The crotch area and abdomen are missing some parts that I forgot to add after pasting the dupe.

C&C please.

Cool picture and nice edits.



sex in a jpeg mah friend

Nice. I like your edit best.

The explosions in both edits aren’t so good, but that build is awesome. Nice work.

Cool I guess that model is private.
Also:How did you do the laser beam?

I BUILT the transformer.

The beam was edited. Took the right selection tool with right settings and filled with colour.

Holy christ, your built transformer looks fantastic. How long did it take to build?
I believe both edits are nice, but I prefer yours.
Have an arty.

I wasted about one and half an hour building that thing, I’ll feature it in a few more scenes so the time I spent on it wouldn’t be complete waste.

And thanks :haw:

Pretty cool, though that doesn’t look like blackout exactly. Your missing the big some major areas. But its fucking awesome nonetheless. I love transformers so I automatically love this!


I loved Blackout the most. Amazing build and edit :3

I loved Starscream the most

Can’t see the pic, but I used a movie commercial pic as a reference.