BlackRain; United Kingdom server is a little bit dodgy...

Teleporting on our house, teleported through locked doors, you shoot at him he disappears… We gave chase he vanished, appeared behind us… Seems a little suspect. I could be wrong!

He was doing it before on US West as well. :frowning:

He’s been reported for super jumping too, there’s a video if him doing it.

Yea’ he has build a solid room on top of our house, which he teleports out shoots then goes back in lol.

He superjumped onto my house way early on… Like 2 months ago.

He’s probably the one DDOSing the us west server because i killed him and took all his stuff :smiley:

He jumped 20 miles up into the air and landed behind our locked doors, killed us and stole all our stuff

Yea’ he was mad after I killed him too, that’s when he came back and started causing trouble.