Blacksad playermodel (or at least ragdoll)

I’m just curious if anybody made a John Blacksad model for use for a playermodel or ragdoll. I don’t know.
Anyway, here he is if you don’t know about him.

Maybe you guys could use a TF2 model somehow, if you want. Like the spy or something.

P.D.: It could be better as a replacement in TF2 for the spy.

…a humanoid panther…interesting…i want to see a model of this

It’s this guy’s older brother:

Big Bro had enough of living in the jungle so he decided to move to New York and become a detective because, honestly, being a detective is the coolest job you can have in a city.

hmm…i just read about this on wikipedia


this gets me thinking, why dont we have black panther on here

Well, originally it’s not a panther, John Blacksad is a cat.
Hence the cat moustache thing.
And ears. They’re pointy.