Blackwatch A Drop-the-ball picture of the week

I am not too happy at all with how this came out. Since I hate seeing an edited picture not posted I am getting it out of the way now.

Also, jacked Warner Bros.’ logo and made it mine.

Thoust shall share where you found the far cry font.

haha clever

BW instead of WB


not really but you know

Thoust must understand: Mine own memory betrays me, for the secrets that thou seeketh are now lost.

But seriously, I forgot. It’s probably from 1001fonts.

What the fuck is your avatar.

Blackwatch? As in those guys from Prototype?

Meh, either way, it’s a pretty cool image, if a little generic.

Are you serious? God damn…

I created the name 'Blackwatch as an amalgamation of ‘Black-Ops’ and ‘Overwatch’.

Hate it when things like this happen…

you could upload it from your PC

I’m diggin that gun, did you make it?

I think it’s from Alex Vestin’s Episode 2 pack.

As for the picture: It looks good!

[PROTOTYPE]'s Black Watch forces were way cooler…

Anyway, it’s nice pic…

Seriously… Why was the filter made so damn long? It looks retarded and ruins the rest of the model for me. It’s always like “Oh, damn that looks awe- ah! There it is again, the fucking dildo erected from his face”, damn… Anyways, nice picture, clever watermark and a nice mood.

And yeah… What the hell is that as his avatar? A man wearing a horse helmet as he is erected?

blackwatch? is that like the 2010 version of the black panthers?