Blackwatch Operatives and Chimera Guards Conversing

Just two pictures before a long break that will occur; since tomorrow I am going camping and won’t get back until the day I move. When I move I won’t have access to my computer (or any for that matter) in quite a while. Surely not many of your are eagerly anticipating my works given the numerous delays and VALVe-time scheduling.

The Blackwatch, as my frequent viewers should know are a Black-Ops paramilitary operation orchestrated by the Universal Union to eradicate hostile forces within the human resistance’s forces. They will become more prominent in future works.

Chimera is completely unrelated to the Blackwatch and to the Half-Life mythology. I do plan for them to play importance in other upcoming works. However, it may be a long while before they become relevant in anything. As such, I will refrain from telling you much (make that anything).

I really hate that filter on their masks.

But other wise up to snuff with your usual output. Have fun camping, Ben.

I don’t know whether to take that positively or negatively (I’m sure someone will explain why I should consider the latter).

Well, I happen to really like your usual output, and this is of the same caliber.

So yeah take the complement, broheim. :dance:

musttt havee skins…

Lol, the guy in the first pic, reminds me to George Clooney without his hair.

Nice pics

I liked the first one, used it to play a bit with the lighting on it.
For if you want to check.

lovely hand posing <3

also, why no soundtrack? HMMM HMM BEN!?

Soundtrack? Soundtrack?! What do you mean soundtrack?

Not bad, I like the better glow on the eyes.

Toodles, going camping. Won’t reply for another week or so.

the posing looks very nice lol

Looks really nice…

Until I saw the hand on the guy on the left.
Did he break his fingers? :byodood:

The name isn’t too original :rolleyes:

Pics are nice though.

The first picture just became my new backround.

Every time I see ‘Blackwatch’ my mind jumps to the Black Watch of the British Army. :argh:

Nice pics, good to see the old crew is still around even if I’m usually not

Back from camping. :smug:

Good to see a familiar name around :v:

Sometimes I gotta let the un-originality slide for my own purposes.