Blade 2 Vampire Killing

I couldn’t find a Blade 2 ragdoll but this is what I came up with.
It’s a recreation from the blade movies when blade shoots or impales vampires with weapons made out of silver.

Holi jesus that’s epic

That’s pretty cool!

Pretty nice.


DoF - Awesome.
Noise Effect - Well used.
Burning/lights - Awesome.
Posing - Nice.

Pretty cool picture :slight_smile:

Noice editing! :slight_smile:

Glad to see someone doing something other then fucking TF2 or L4D.

You get my first artistic rating of the week.

That vampire is sparkling…

lol twilight.

Good editing though.

My thoughts exactly.


Huzzah, a twilight vampire is dead!

I made a request for blade, but the guy who posted an image got banned, not sure if he released it though.

Sadly it’s not the part where they start to glow orange.

What I will now envision when the next highschool girl mentions twilight