Blade from Blade Kitten

Hello everyone.
I’m working on this in Blender, my first try with modeling. The mesh is ready (I think), UV is unwrapped, all that’s left is to finish drawing a texture (it’s just 10-20% ready) and compile… Now drawing appeared to be the hardest part, because I never did that for textures, and it’s difficult to follow the reference sometimes (choosing colors, shadows, lights, etc…).
I would appreciate a lot any help with tutorials or advices on this. If anyone would like to draw texture him(or her)self - that would be good too.
And of course I’d like to see some feedback on the mesh - how this looks for the first one and for the Source engine?

model looks awesome, texture could use a bit of work though, which I also have trouble making from scratch sometimes

Was curious when that was gonna get made.
Nice to see the progress!

The orange triangle near the tip looks a bit strange. I see that it’s supposed to be there based on the reference picture, but it looks a bit off. It’s probably just the perspective combined with the matte texture that’s messing with my eyes though.

The part where the blade starts to come to a point looks a wee bit strange as well, but again, it could just be the angle of the model messing with my eyes.

Anyway, looks good so far.

Thanks to everyone!

Yeah, I know, this triangle looks weird, but I’m in progress of working on the textures, putting the overall to have a view of the things. I will try to make everything look good in the end.

Well, “where blade starts come to a point” looks fine to me; here is another picture of it, from a different angle:

If you are talking about textures, then, again, I’ll be fixing-drawing all for a best look - right now, it’s just a scratch)
As I said, I don’t have any experience at drawing textures, and I haven’t found any good tutorials on this, so it might take a while

Thanks to palsmid, there is Kit. Thanks to Pozdn9k, now there is sword too ^^,

small update
Found a better reference for a texture, started redrawing and quite happy with what I get
Going to continue drawing it in that style to the end

Not bad, looks great!

That is a massive improvement. Great work.

that looks awesome, can’t wait for it to be finished!

I wonder how well this model will fit with the Kit we have already.
Anyways it looks really good.
Could I make the suggestion to make a view model of the sword with Kits hands?

Any updates yet?

Still drawing textures, not far from end…
brickbox, I will definitely make it, but a bit later, when the time comes
(though currently I don’t have much time =( )

I noticed the back of the blade has an edge along the middle that’s creating unnecessary polygons. I’m assuming that you mirrored the mesh at one point to get the full shape then started modifying it from there. You should make sure to get rid of that edge before compiling, just to save some polygons. :smiley:

That is awesome now all we need to do is have somebody rig Plasmid’s Kit model.

Well, I started deleting unnecessary polys, got a little bit winded and it turned out into quite change of a mesh
The new version looks like this:
If people like it, I will go on working with new one (which means that I will have to re-unwrap UV and redraw textures - I don’t think it will take much time, because I have some skill now).
If not, I will just continue with the old one.
Go on and comment, what you think

I like the old one better.
It has more detail.

The textures are almost finished, all that’s left is to deal with the mess on the brown handle, draw texture on that “currently white-red-brown” thing attached to the yellow part of it and do some more polishing to mesh and textures.
P.S. I don’t like how the ‘white’ part of the handle looks, gotta do some tweaks on colors and details.

This is just my personal preference. Both versions are pretty good:

Areas highlighted in red are things I dislike, and anything in green are things I like. Anything not highlighted looks fine either way. Again, just my opinion.

PS: The texture is looking even better. Keep it up man. Are you planning on doing a normal map too? You could get some nice phong going.

I agree with this.