Blade Kitten HUD (+)

[release] Blade Kitten HUD

There are 3 screenshots at the download

Hold F10 In-Game to bring up the help menu[/release]


Fully customizable functions like color, position, sound and other extras.
Face changes like in Doom 1-2 with damage, including faces for being AFK and over 100 hp
Helmets when armor is present on the player
Changable helmet skins (4)
Variety of Character faces to choose from (4)
Customizable extras like underwater ambience, Low health beats and ammo warnings like flashing red text and sounds
Hats and stuff like goggles and scarfs


Zoey Artyom - Coding/Scaling
Johnny Nyberg - Art
Krome Studios - Kit face art

Time to complete: 1 Week

Cool. Trying it out now.

Great job Zoey. :slight_smile:

1 suggestion, lie and tell us this took you less than a day.

Pretty cool, but distracts me from the game as I look to the wrong head.

Still, I’ve made some changes to it, such as a new sound pack, a new head (buggy) and I’m trying to get the Doom guy’s head on it too. It looks weird on this HUD design though.

I wouldnt edit my things. Its not a bright idea.

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Im sure you would love to.

my f10 dosent work is there any way i can get the menu up like a console command or re-binding?


I think it’d be cool if you had it display the head of the player’s model, but regardless it still sounds good and I do like your stuff so I might give this a go when my Gmod installation is back to snuff.

I like the look of it, just I don’t think it’d be practical as a HUD, it’s pretty big and looks very distracting.

The ability to disable the health portion of the hud would be useful. Its not the faces bugging me or anything, just the fact that I already have the MMM health bar and the heartbeat health element too.

So you want it for… the ammo?

I would love to do that by taking screenshots of the player, But sadly i cant. Because the player models are in no way high enough quality to mess around with in .net

In other words, It looks sorta bad.

OP says Doom 1-2.

Interest has been peaked. Will try it out when i get on my computer.

Set the health portion X position to something like 2000

i thought you quit

There probly wont be anymore releases after this.

Ew :v:

Cool she deletes it off of

Woo, it’s official. We won’t be seeing Zoey around for awhile~