Blade Symphony Maps and Props

On request, here is the addon version arranged by DeltaD36 and me from the Source mod Blade Symphony. It refused to mount in Gmod.
It contains the maps and also all the props and player models. So without further adieu

The monastery!

Duel Winter!

The District!

As I said, all the props and models are included. The sword pack for good measure.
Thought they looked pretty cool.

Yes a Minecraft sword. All of this content belongs to ‘Puny Human LLC’, the creaters of the Mod.
Visit their site


Have fun.

Thank you for taking the time to post them here, Rastifan!

I loved the content of this mod. So beautiful and detailed! It’s a damn shame that the mod itself was not as interesting as it’s own content. Tons of work went into making this stuff, and Was ultimately all for nothing. Hopefully you guys can change that.

Was for nothing? They’re still working on it, and they’ve just recently gone legit and started developing it as a full game.

Holy shit than. I apologize for not looking into that. Last time I pooked at the website, there was nothing new, and there where no servers or players at all. It’s great that they are continuing developement!

Yes I thought it odd that this mod would be so easily dismissed by people. Good to know it is still under development.

Dystopia Katana. I still have the gold version as a prop in my GMod.

Gold version?

Yeah, I posted a thread about them continuing development not long ago. The game is now on the Portal 2 engine, and they’ve got a new map coming. Also the characters now have unique move-sets and there’s mid-air attacks as well.

In Dystopia several members of the dev team used a gold version of the katana, it behaves exactly the same it’s simply a different skin.

I never worked out how they did it but I expect it was coded in.

Link is down. :frowning:

New link is coming. Working on the Neotokyo links to.

Working gamefront link in the Op.

The textures and models are totally awesome. I hope they won’t mind if I use them in my maps. :3

please tell me these maps have HDR in them 0______________0

Thanks for the bump, dipstick!

Judging by your linked Steam Profile, you want HDR maps for SFMing purposes. If you open SFM and click File > Downloadable Content > Download Blade Symphony Content Pack, a world of wonder will open before your eyes!!!