Blank 10-slot server

I have a 10 slot server and im not sure what to run on it. I was running Spacebuild 2 but i my self have no LUA knowlage so my server was basic. Now i want a server that is more pick up and go, like a deathmatch or something, dont get me wrong spacebuild is awesome it just takes alot of time. so if anyone has some good gamemode ideas for a 10 slot server post on below. Thanks

Fight to Survive: Stronghold.
I have it on my 10 slot, pretty good.

happy birthday 343n

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oh wait this isn’t the gmf

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sorry 343n as it is clearly not your birthday haha man what was i thinking!!!


Anyways, gonna’ get stronghold or?

What do you do in Fight to Survive: Stronghold? Sounds interesting.

GoFish is nice good too because kids are usually not playing this gamemode

F2S: Stronghold, is like, think of it as BF3
Except in the CS:S/GMod world.
theres loadouts, you make bases, and buy guns and apparel and shoot people.
you can try out my server if you like, I’ll post it here.
if a moderator wants me to get rid of it I’ll pm you instead and edit out the IP.
just press this, to join.