Blank screen after loading?

I’ve been playing gmod for a few years, and I’ve noticed if you alt+F4 a steam window, or close steam, while playing, the screen just goes black, yet everything still works (you can hear it).

This is happening after it loads, without doing anything, it loads and gets to the menu, but it’s just black, and I can hear the button noises. I have not installed anything new recently, and at most I have a gamemode I’m working on with no code relevant to this.

If anyone at all could help, it’d be appreciated, I have no reason to reinstall Garry’s Mod, or my addons, I’ve checked that.

Hmm. I don’t see this as a problem myself.

That happens to me to I just Shift-tab and it works again

uhhmmmm get the game mode some where else not trying to dis your coding but maby you messed up…

hi45689, I’ve not even managed to start a game, how the hell could my gamemode affect that?

Well, what are your computer specifications?

I’ve been having this exact same problem, for the last 2 days.

Both of you, comper specs, nao.

Solved, you just have to shift+tab when the game does it.