Blank Text

I was trying to enter a server in Garry’s Mod and it freezed, so i did ctrl+alt+del, after that the game did an update and i launched the game again, now i can’t see the text, every text just goes blank or something.[/thumb]

After that screen the only thing i can see is this:

Oh, and i just bought the game, so yeah, fuck. I played normally a couple of times before so i don’t know and my friend did basically the same thing and he doesn’t got any problem.

Did you try restarting?
If nothing helps, try re-installing.

Oh, i forgot, i re-installed the game and restarted the pc and nothing so far.
Maybe it’s the pc or something…

Graphics drivers? Check they’re up to date.

They’re, i played 2h normally before it did that blank text, i don’t think it’s a problem with the graphic drivers.