Got a little tacky with After Effect’s Magic Bullet addon (please don’t beat me) and wound up with this. I used my personal model to directly express those stranded moments when I feel creative and productive but lack a satisfying outlet.

Original screenshot

CC is appreciated.

Kind of like me when I have an amazing idea, then again the execution of said idea turns out wrong or it won’t work.

Speaking of CC, why not try a more high-res model of the 'bine?

Please. Please never edit a picture in Adobe After Effects and use some presets that some other guy made.

Skill = 40%. :s

To be honest, the key to a good picture is dedication. Dedication to make the pose perfect, to make the background perfect, and dedication to edit to to perfection using Photoshop (and spend like an hour or what ever).

I see great potential with this, anyway.

I’d have to download high-res textures for everything else as well, or else I’d lose sleep over the inconsistency.

No presets were used. I formulated my own filter after a couple hours of fiddling. Posing and finding the best camera angle took some time too. I like being simplistic with screenshots, so I can’t blame you if it looks like there isn’t anything to it.

Thanks for the comments.

Seeing as your skin is only a simple recolour, the Enhanced Combine have more bones, and there’s proper fingers inplace of the fused ones.

Other than that this does have a bit of an emptyness atmos.