Blast Door

I made this door for an rp server i play on and people really like it so here it is, its complete with opening and closing sounds, lights that change colors from red to yellow, the door is built on a track so it remains steady when opening and closing so theres a less chance that it will spazz.

heres the door when its closed

here it is when it is opening notice the lights changed colors from red to yellow

these are all the sounds i used to make the door sound pretty cool when it opens and closes

door from the inside

i plan on making this door look better by adding some more background to it like garbage and rubble near the rocks

Looks nice! video?

Hey a door.
About as exciting as doors go.
Gj though.

hey nice one ive been looking for a good door you might wana add a vid or some pictures of the stages of opening or closing good lighting though. any chance for a dupe once you finish?

Much better poast is much better.

Video would be nice, seeing the wire sound inputs shows that this atleast was moar than a 5 minute job. Looks good too.

much tastier toast is much tastier

Ill try and take a video tomorrow as soon as i find a good recorder for games.

Just use source recorder, then fraps it or something. Thats what I do.

Without a vid, this is quite pointless