Blast from the Past: Old Comics, Revisited

Hey, guys. Sorry, I’m not really posting any new content here, but I thought this was worth a thread. You may remember that usaokay reposted Apostasy a year ago, which, in turn, led me to host the entire series on my site (with permission, of course) for online reading. Well, in the same vein as that, and seeing as the next chapter of The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage is still taking me a while (I’m only 22% done) and sometimes workdays are reaaaally slow, I began to look for comics from the old 2006-2007 days and talking about them over at I figured you might like to take a look:

  1. Happydevil Comics
  2. Worse than Life

(Yeah, I know, I know, I’m sounding like an ad for my own site, but I’m not gonna just copy and paste the entire posts here. If you don’t care about what I wrote, then let me be your friend and link you directly to the sites: Happydevil’s, Worse than Life. There. You happy now?)

If you’d like to help out with this, I would be very thankful if you could share where to find the old comics - if they’re good and the author approves, I don’t mind re-hosting them myself over at Metrocop. Also, if you would be so kind, it’d be easier for me if you could use the contact form at Metrocop to report those old comics and how to contact the author. It’s not mandatory, but then I’d have an e-mail archive for Blast to the Past instead of having to check this thread all the time.
Oh, and while I have no rule about what to include or not in that feature, I’m mostly looking for stuff that’s been around for longer than I have - I started releasing comics in September 2007, so, 2007 or earlier. And, of course, make 'em good ones!

Ahh,good ol’ Happydevil. Wonder what happened to him now.

BenjaminHasic: @LDMythos thanks brother! Nice piece. I’ve thought about getting back in, but may bring these stories to light in another medium. Keep it up

I read through some of your work. Not done yet. Have to say, it is pretty good stuff. I really should learn proper comic layouts.

Well, this was about highlighting other people’s classics, but thanks! Metrocop only has the most recent stuff, i.e. The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage, but there’s older stuff hidden in the interwebz, and some I want to move to Metrocop, like Subprime. As for layouts, I still have my old basic tutorial up online.

Yes I know. I was referring to our earlier discussion though. Been looking at Buscema and his work. He is one of the best known Conan artists.
I find his layouts within my skill range to handle. Trying to pick up bits here and there without actually copying anyone. Like how he uses the panels.

You are getting incredibly sidetracked.

Sorry. Gonna stop. Was just looking through comic layout ideas and forgot my self there for a moment.

old comics?

I don’t include Concerned in this because everybody knows Concerned. I’m more interested in old stuff that hasn’t been seen much, or that’s actually been lost. You know, stuff like Jeff or Sketch.

Holy fuck yes. Thank you, I seriously love the comics back in '06.

Wish Afro Zombie, Freakshow, Jeff, and Sketch have an available working link.

My pleasure! I’m thinking of chatting with Clover on Steam to try and get Jeff up at Metrocop. Afro Zombie would also be a finding, I gotta track Lode down or something. Thanks for the suggestions!

It be great if he still have Agent Whiskey.

I did find this issue of Afro zombie, someone put it in an archive!

I wish I could find Ravenholm Armory…

I shall!

Now that, I can get. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll see to it that you have RA again.

The punchline at the end was a killer.

Jeff <3
Afro Zombie <3
Ravenholm Armory <3
Secret Agent Whiskey <3
Kenny the Cop <3
Subject 23 <3
The Last War <3
Crisis <3
Third Reborn <3
Gray Saints <3

Remembering the good old days almost brings a tear to my eye. How I miss the PHW crew…Michael, Clover, Lode, John Matrix, Popwar, Happydevil, Mjolnir, the ACMs…they did such great work. I’m glad there are still people around who remember the old comics, and who appreciate the level of creativity and art expressed in some of the best comics from that time. Many thanks to Mythos and everyone else for taking time to track them down and keep the comics community alive.

By the way, don’t forget Supplanter. Brashfink uploaded it along with Apostasy.

My pleasure. It’s kind of what I do.

What was that one comic called that featured Lode, Michael, Brashfink, Major Dump, and etc at the PHW headquarters map?

Anybody remember “Life with Lamarr”? The website doesn’t exist anymore.

I know it had this mentally disturbed person who carried around a corpse he called his brother.