"Blast it outta' the sky!" - Airborne fight


First explosion edit, how’d I do?


Thanks chesty for your patience.

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also not my pose, some guy (fort83) in the edit my picture thread made it

I love it bro, I think you’ve gotten really good at editing.

It looks like the chopper is fighting the Dragon’s firebreath with steam. Nonetheless freaking cool.

You did a good job on the fire. I also like the cracked window. You could have replaced the whole building, though, as it’s quite bland and breaks the atmosphere.

better than what I could do.

Clever idea. I can’t really make out the explosion though, it’s too white. But for the most part it looks good. I like that fire.

pssh “some guy” -_-

Looks really well made.

I can’t comment on the explosion since I’ve convinced myself the orange blob is fire from the dragon, not an explosion.

But concept is nice, although somethings iffy about the angle.

Sweet edit dude. I’m digging the smoke and flames.
And dat lens flare. Good work!
Maybe texturing the building? That would have made the scene more detailed. The cracks on the windows are a great touch though.

reminds me of the movie “D-Wars”

That’s not exactly a compliment.
Good work, Haxxer.

The smoke from the chopper looks quite thick, and you never darkened the windows on the chopper like you said you would on steam days ago :v:

But everything else looks lovely.