[Blast to the Past Comic] TF2O: Quest for Candy

One year and ten months is a long time.







Thats a bigg ass comic

Loving it.

Best gmod comic I’ve read in a long while c:

I enjoyed it.

It’s good, well worth my time reading.
I’m getting a strong calvin and hobbes vibe from it.

I can’t bear to read the ending, it’s just so emotional! The Spy finally learns the true meaning of [del]Christmas[/del] Halloween!

I only got the reference after rereading the last couple of panels. Otherwise, it’s a nice comic. I really enjoyed it.

At this point it’s just more than a strong vibe :v:

GAH. That pilot ragdoll that I’ve been searching forever for :(.

Pilot ragdoll?

Holy crap I read this back in the day…good times :smiley:

Oh god Nostalgia…

Pretty fine photo-editing, I have a question regarding the “L4D universe part” though: Why did the L4D2 survivors have evil smiles + why did they try to harm the original Survivors? Is The Passing non-existent to you or would you rather think that Ellis wants to eat Zoey instead of becoming her boyfriend and living together? Would you rather have a campaign that involved the new Survivors never meeting the original while they (in the canon storyline and The Sacrifice comic) were heading for an island in the keys?

Comic was made before The Passing and The Sacrifice were announced.

That’s okay, hopefully there will be a fan-made sequel where the new Survivors would apologize for trying to hurt the original Survivors (or is there already one?) and the Spy, like the Pyro did, probably goes on an adventure too (Who will HE run into?)