[Blast to the Past] Servers Part 21: Coastal Damage (Comic)

If you want to know the story up to this, go to the bottom of this OP - otherwise, this will be a somewhat confusing comic. Reason that the text is below the comic is that having a bunch of text above a comic ruins your reading and will probably make you bored.











Story up to Coastal Damage:

  • It’s 2012 and gaming has combined into a mass market of popular titles from FPS to RPG. The Game Helmet is a huge MMO device that combines the aspects of numerous past games.
  • The Game Helmet company has been assholish to hackers, so the hacking community is striking back. They’re going after Servers, a program that is a safe for credit card info, personal info, and whatnot.
  • The Hackers, led by former PHW found, Michael J. Clements, are the combined forces of most major internet communities.
  • It’s December 2012 and a “newb training” program has been established. The teachers, who prefer not to get acquainted with students, rename their username (ex. Bravo 1, Bravo 2, Bravo 3, etc.)
  • Frank, the creator Game Helmet, joins the training so he can keep an eye on Bravo 1 & 2. Bravo 1’s real name is Katie Izaki while Bravo 2’s real name is unknown.
  • The Hackers catch up with Frank and kidnap both Katie and Frank. Meanwhile, Bravo 2 moved to an MMORPG game thanks to a glitch.
  • NATO1337 saves Frank and Bravo 1; and they both join their cause.
  • Katie is mysteriously given new powers of teleportation. She teleports to a heavily populated New York City map.
  • Frank, who is aware that he is being watched by the hackers, logs off (in a dramatic fashion) for about a couple hours.
  • Frank logs back in and see that Bravo 1 is captured by the hackers.
  • Going back a couple hours a bit before and after Frank’s logging off, Bravo 2 returns to the MMOFPS and finds the NYC map under chaos.
  • He teams up with his old friend, Devon, and unknowingly, partners up with Katie. It turns out that Katie knows Bravo 2 and real life while Bravo 2 seemingly doesn’t know who she is.
  • Katie, afraid of Bravo 2’s retaliation for what she did to him in RL, says that her name is Mary.
  • The three heroes escape out of the city while being chased by the hackers.

or in other words, vigilantes vs. hackers in a video game

I love these blasts to the past comics, reminds me of the old days. (when I just lurked)

Some of the speech bubbles were placed oddly so it seemed like he said one thing first rather than after someone else said something.

Although, it’s good.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it

Oh wow, this is amazing.

Just to ask, where can I find the previous issues of this?

I found some missing parts and I’ll get to posting them on Monday (aka. Three Days of Servers).