Blast you, Sonic!

Stupid Tails ragdoll is nearly impossible to pose.

Please, comment. I need more things I can work on, or just general tips for improvement.

I agree with bubba.

Bloom nearly rape

This is shit

as far as sonic pictures so this is probably the best i have seen

then again, i’ve seen some standard shits that i would rate highly in comparison to diarrhea

Needs less bloom and moar robots.

You know, I just might make a serious Sonic pose one of these days.

Have fun with that. :v:
But it would be nice seeing a good picture of sonic that doesn’t rape my eyes.

When I’m browsing DeviantArt, I’m praying for a picture of sonic that doesn’t involve rape.

Just occurred to me that the sonic ragdolls actually react rather well with ingame lighting.

…may have to take you up on this at some point. :v:

Likewise. I have gone a touch overboard with the bloom, in hindsight. My original intention was to try and create something closer to the over-shiny levels of, say, SA1 or 2. Didn’t really work.

If there were Badnik models…

Well there is I think.

Although I would probably go all Joazzz and use terminators or sum shit. :v:

Hrm. Low-res, but I wonder…


Yes, you.

We don’t talk about that here.

Don’t wonder.
Stop making thins.