"Blaster 1 you read?" Soldiers looking around and shit

Guess what movie I watched :smiley:

I like the models, where’d you get them?

Looks like Bad Company 2 to me, but I’m probably wrong.

You are.

MW2 EOD soldier in the background, head-hacked AA3 soldiers in the foreground. Releases section is your friend.

The picture is okay. Just okay. Depth-of-field is nice as always but… there isn’t anything else to say.

i can’t see jack

How about now?

The Hurt Locker?

They are standing.


I hate critiquing poses that are only standing. There’s nothing to comment on other than the models that people show off and I don’t care about those.

Blaster 1? What th- Lemme guess, you were watching star wars…

To Kill a Mockingbird?

He watched the Pokemon Movie 2000.