Blastfungus WIP

Okay, ladies and gents.

I’ve flogged them and flogged them and left them for ages and flogged them again. Here is the latest.

I’ve gone back to basics and rebuilt them from the spores up.

As some of you are lazy mushrooms yourselves, here’s the pics from the site :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, that is them growing up walls.

That is them growing on props.

That is them growing on -me-.

Bonus forum picture is buggered so it’s gone.

I have also implemented some growing code that BlackNecro bullied me into trying out then beat me around the head with until I got it right. So they’re animated folks, I’m not sure yet how badly this’ll chew up people’s cpus. Works fine on mine though. They’re not very customisable yet, but I want to get the basic grow and blow functionality working and behaving itself before I go too wild.

I have NOT tested these on any kind of server. That’s where you lot come in. Feedback would be MUCH appriciated, and knowing anything I’ve ever coded, expect bugs.

Speaking of, telling me it ‘doesn’t work’ won’t help me :-p or any other coder for that matter. The more information I get the better.

That being said, have fun. I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions. There is still room for work by a long shot, but I think I’m done for this weekend at least.


Oh and to install, get rid of any previous version of the blastfungus addon you’ve got, and unzip this into your addons folder.

-Stop players being able to pick them up
-random occasions where they get outside the world map
-tool variables

Very nice :slight_smile:

Just tested them and they are still fun to play around with.

As already said via Steam, protect them from being able to be grabbed with the physgun.

When I first spawned them, I had a lot of lag. After they got near their population limit, everything ran very smoothly. I’ve yet to notice anything odd (other than the exploding fungi everywhere).

I’m guessing you’re going to add in the varieties again? The old types were pretty fun, especially the TNT and aqua.

Just out of curiosity, is that the bugbait model they use? (I think you might have my download!)

Have you fixed, or will you somehow fix the fungi doing things like spawning inside the world geometry, resulting in them multiplying where they can’t be reached, resulting in lag with a constant cacophony of squeaking sounds? Something as simple as a “kill all fungi” stool or something along those lines would be useful. I’ve often had to reload an entire map before. Aside from that, great fun.


I love these damn things.

Glad there doesn’t seem to be anything majorly wrong with them so far. Anyone tried them online yet?

Dark Wolf > I didn’t experience this lag, but I’ll keep an eye on it. Am not sure about the varieties yet, will see what happens.

Timenova > Yes it is, always has been. :slight_smile:

J - Dude > I am sure I have mentioned this on previous versions, but pressing reload on the stool will remove all the fungus on the map. It’s already implemented, just not perfectly documented.

Yes! Yesss! I love these so much! So glad they’re back!

This just made my day! These were so awesome when they had all those different versions of fungus that could do some neat things. I used to make survival missions with these, where I would have resource stations setup, and then a wasteland of these growing outside. I can’t wait to see what you come up with this time, great work.

Sometimes I would make little experiments with the different kinds, and try to grow strains of specific fungus in certain areas…

[lua]function ENT:Initialize()
self.PhysgunDisabled = true
I rather enjoyed these when I first got gmod. A fun concept. :smile:

I remember these. Good times.

You need some kind of spreading effect.

I’m wary about making them too cpu hungry, but possibly. I need to look into effects, along with a lot of other things.

Studentloon, when you finish this would you be able to redo that gunship patrol STOOL you were making? It was much anticipated by me and some others.

Blastfungus related: You should have another form of zombie fungus that creates random zombies instead of just fast ones. And I thought you could include something like an “antlion fungus” that maybe attracts antlions and they unburrow nearby when you approach…Good work!

Can these fun guys evolve in anyway?