Blatant aimbot toggler on Seattle Small

Steam Profile:

He has been reported countless times over this past wipe due to him insta-headshotting people while he tries to deny it and claiming he doesn’t cheat. I wish I recorded earlier encounters but when he has his toggles on he legit has 100% accuracy and you don’t even get a chance to peek before he downs you just about kills you.

These are his rust-stats. - I know they don’t mean much, but if we are going off this alone, his stats are pretty average to below average. Rifle accuracy or 27%, average kda and all yet he can hit some amazing shots. Some clips I have on him -,, Simply put, his stats do not match his “skill” whenever he kills me, yet there have been times his aim has been completely off and I was able to mow him down. He is just far to inconsistent so I think he is sketchy.

Tonight I asked him to stream or record while he dueled me in a gun fight. Although he started his stream up, he did not want to duel me, and avoided any of my advanced to try to fight him. Instead he was doing other things, as I watched him, he fights a guy in this vod - If you skip to 11:15 he tries to 1v1 him, yet he misses 95% of his shots no joke. How can he go from the shots he hits above to this? To me he just had his hacks off when he streamed and avoided me all together. When he isn’t streaming he does some sketchy stuff. I wish I had more recordings but I only recently started to. This may not be enough evidence but I hope to get more in the near future. Hackers are the worst, especially when they try to hide it.

(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky, don't report hackers here." - Novangel))

Can confirm. He seems to hit ridiculous headshots all the time. He hit me from about 400 meters with a headshot from a tommy. It’s rediculous how blatant he tries to pass it off as skill.