Blatantly Bad Weapon Prediction?

It’s too bad this never got taken care of. :eng99:

I want azu back!

I dont think VALVe wants him back
(he leaked the golden wrench release time or something didnt he?)

Who knows, let’s not start that again. But still, this is the sort of thing he’d (probably) look into and find a fix for.

Why did he/she quit, I heard stuff, but not everything has to be true on the internet :confused:

Gbps told me he did something and VALVe got mad, and then said they didnt want him to work on anything VALVe related

tl;dr: Azu leaked something minor, Valve go apeshit and remove his access. I now know the full story, and to be quite honest it’s extremely small and unimportant.

The only reason he’s not allowed to code for GMod anymore, is lack of trust - if he leaked a small secret, what about the bigger ones?

I thought I fixed most of these issues a few months back. I’ll look at the CS:S weapons again soon to see if there’s any problems I can fix.

In the meantime if you can isolate and reproduce specific issues - and have potential fixes for them - I’m all ears.

Wow, thanks garry - you’re the best.

This was addressed in the initial update I did. There’s a function reset the event parity in the code somewhere (allowing it to correct itself when it gets the sequence from the server, assuming you did the proper prediction), that was likely commented out at some point.

I’ve been trying to make a well-structured SWEP base and have identified a problem scenario to perform quality checks under:

On a dedicated (not listen) server, check for animation problems when the delay between two SendWeaponAnim() calls is less than the player’s ping
(Try using net_fakelag 1000 to simulate high ping)

One may encounter animation problems in this situation when designing a shotgun with tube magazine animations.