Blaxploitation Demoman

Hi, I’m working on an SFM thing which is based off of old Blaxploitation films. I’ll be using the Demoman as a model for the main character (who has an afro). I’m missing a model for a coat, however, and I’d appreciate it if somebody made one. A coat similar to Shaft’s or Black Dynamite’s.

Any help at all?

Facepunch is a hardass bunch. Are you looking for a reskin that’s all black or a hack with leather jackets and shite?

EDIT: I’d suggest just reskinning the damn thing. I don’t know (or think) there’s been any jackets made for, well, any TF2 model. Those that would fit the demoman anyways. I’m sure it’d be possible to hack the Spy’s jacket unto him with some edits but I can’t make stuff like that, so I guess just look up some tutorials? I think Taggart made one.

Uh I be lookin’ for a leather jacket hack thing. I know next to nothing about modelling but I can reskin shit.