Bleach: Heat the Soul 7 model export

can somone port ***Senna for me?
link to the model

Would be better if you can get it with bones, how did you rip it? and which game is it from because I know you can rip from the Wii games with bones.

its not from a wii game its form a psp game
i use the fpk extractor and ttd extractor and Noesis to export in obj
I do not know if i can get it with bones
but i can try to get it

Ah ok.

Edit: People have posted a few PSP models that have been exported to SMDs (with bones), but I don’t know what tools they have used.

can you port the model with no bones?

It’s possible but takes a while to do, and much less likely someone will do it.


the model hav bones now smd.rar