Bleach mod

Hi all! I just had an idea :
A bleach mod for Garry
With all the weapons, they also can do bankai. Somesorta gameplay where you slay hollows and gain experiance. I had some nice ideas about the Zanpaktou, when you slay an hollow, they die and you will see the vaporise effect. But infortunately, i have no experience with lua. If youwant to help me/have a suggestion M me.
i need :
Lua Coder
Voice Actor
Model Maker
SWEP expert

Some experience would be nice!
I dont know if ill want to make it RP-like (choose a character etc) I definitely want it to be onlineā€¦
Please Help


Noooooooo epic. Im not verry used with forums. Sorry, may i move it tho elsewhere? Where can i put this topic?(wich section)

Gamemodes section.
By the way, i am not too much of an anime fan, but a bleach mod would be interesting :cheers: