Bleach mod

A bleach mod would be cool, a gamemode where you can slay hollows :smiley: Its just an IDEA, i won’t even take credit for the idea.

ITT; plz do work 4 me plz i am p00r and 12 plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wel not, im 15 ;-). somebody who has vault-tech as name cant be older then 7 :wink:

op: fagboy

No seriously, This isn’t a i want my gamemode maed pl0x; Its look at my awesome work cause im so over rated im cool.

Btw; I dont even think it would work with garrysmod. Garrysmod is a physics based game (I believe) Or whatever and its not really ment for cartoons

You have much courage to say ‘cartoon’!!!1

ughh Please just kill yourself.

ITT: Fanboy rage.

Oh god,please help meh. The truth hasth penetrated my soul…

scuttle scuttle scuttle

ITT: “i r ned halp wif dis mod, so if u culd mak it for mee then giv mee the credits all alone wile i do nothing then i wuld be happy kthxbai”

ITT : “i r 10 and no know haow to make dis mod or do codeing or mapping,i just want to be team leaduh and creative direcshun”

God,it’s hard to spell fucked up sentences due to my grammar. D:

Plus he’s an anime nerd who likes the worst fucking anime shows on TV, so he’s definitely never going to get this off the ground.


I think his next suggestion will be a Inuyasha gamemode,if I’m not mistaken.

I opened this thread thinking it would be some sort of race gamemode, first one to clean your kitchen using bleach or something weird like that.

:/, it’s all I have to say, as I’m at a loss for words at the utter failure of this thread…

You can al rot in hell i hope satan rape your facking mongolian ass

1> this gamemode is posible, u just need to learn lua urself, OR seek out a team but NOT truw this forum since u wil only get this shit.

2> theres about 800 of these posts and mosly thay where just looking for osme one to steal of, so thats also an part of the replays.

3> i think there some models on, just make a 2 teamed gamemode, 1 team is the killers, and the second is victem, second run for ur goddamn life while team 1 is killing em, sounds like porp-hunt… wel, good luck.

[start sarcasm] Yeah, i agree Cornelisjuh, telling people to rot in hell and get raped is really going to get you want isn’t it. [end sarcasm]

Its worked in the past.

On cadavers.

Look mate, if you want something like this, either present it as a great idea, or learn some Lua, get a team together, and make it. I’ve got some ideas myself, and I wanna learn Lua so I can do it, you’ve just gotta get some motivation and get to it! Oh right, and telling people to burn in hell is a way to make people hate you even more than they do now, and trust me, about 2/3rds of this community are trolls who will not hold back when met with such an opportunity to flame.

Yeah, and trying to stop the trolls from flaming is like trying to stop the sea having waves. Which is basically impossible, this to them, is like an All you can Flame buffet.