Bleach weapons

Can someone make weapons from bleach if they can?
like ichigo’s weapon or his bankai and like rengi if there anyone that has time to make.
here some picture of the bleach weapon if someone can do.

2d to 3d is never pretty. And you don’t need 20 fucking referance pictures.

Got to put different angle of the weapon so you can get an idea wat the size and shape of it.

They are weapons, I doubt they’ll look bad (if at all) when 3d. Also, in my opinion, the more the merrier when reference pictures are concerned.

Kathar’s right, and I might try to do these, those reference pictures are great.

hmmm…i’d like to have these models as well…also the characters :smiley:

Thank i didn’t wanted to take just a picture of it and i know you need to know the whole angle of it so i hope the pictures of the angle and size helps and give you the idea how big and how the shape should go. I hope someone can do like inchigo weapon and his banaki or rengi sword and if someone can do the bows as well.

No charecters unless someone does it for kicks. Organic models take a shitload of time to make, and i’m not including ragdolling them too. All we have is 2d referance pictures of them. A actual 3d model would require pictures from all angles to look decent.

Do you mean “Renji”?
Great idea, I think zabimaru is impossible, if that includes the extension of the sword segments.

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