Bleak City

Hello everyone, this is my first real “map” I could say, took me about a month to finish it.

Something strange happend in this town, you hear strange noises…screams? What could had happend here?
Everyone is gone.

It’s your job to investigate.

Download Link!

Hope you like it, and please let me know what you think :smiley:

BTW…look for easter eggs.

Looks good but a bit…empty, devoid of props, wouldn’t you say?

Hmm, yeah maybe, I’ll keep that in mind for next time, thanks! :slight_smile:

Looks great for a first uploaded map and no one really done a town map in a while.
Also, the town kind of reminds me of the town in the first Twilight Zone episode :v:.

Thank you! and yeah, it does look like the one on TZ, haha i never noticed that :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you can say it looks bleak.

umm, thanks?

Doesnt look bad, telling by the screenshots. Could use more detail. Is there foliage like trees or anything?

More foliage, more detail to the buildings, displaced terrain, do those then it’ll be very nice :3:

I think you should try lights and light_environment with color. Not white.

Who would place lamposts on the path it’s self? Looks the worst in the second screenshot with them nearly right in the middle.

The first screenshot actually looked good with the overall lighting being pretty dark, but I can see where the detail is missing.
Like said, more detail into the buildings (Not just flat roofs), displacement terrain, more graffiti and the like.

Here’s the third screenshot if anyone wants it without clicking the link

I think you should experiment with more ways of lighting rather than lamp posts that look very linear.
You say something happened to the town, why not have vandalised lamp posts, possibly one flickering in order to bring attention to something, or have lights mounted onto buildings instead.
Also, small details like drains and what not.

Oh, bricks don’t break off like that in the third shot above (Look on the left).

nath2009uk, that’s some high quality shit from my eyes right there.

The picture’s quality, I mean.

The light_environment is not white, and yes I’ll try to do better next time with lightning.

You are right, I’ll do better next time, thank you very much for the advices, remember this is my first map :P.

Thank you for the feedback!

Dammit, man, you made me think this was the bleak city track from carmageddon.

Thanks for the Nostalgia, fuck I love that game.

The concept of it is nice. But, the buildings are very blocky. There is not much detail. Your lighting for the street lamps is off, you have just placed random light entitys everywhere by the looks of it. Your doors and windows dont have frames. But, take all the critism on this map that people have said. Then ask for help, improve your map, make a V2 and it will look good! :slight_smile: