Bleeding and tracking?

I think it would be cool to have an effect added with the bleeding. When you are bleeding it will leave small drops or pools of blood every so often when you run. This means if you get in a fight, and have to run you can be tracked, adding danger. And when you hurt someone and they somehow escape, you can spend time hunting them like the animals they are. Just a nice little flair effect that can add some danger and survival. You could even use the pools to lure some one out, bandage yourself and turn the hunter into the hunted.

Not sure how that would work. most people stop bleeding immediately, and if not they are either 10 in 20 feet or not bleeding anymore.
dont get me wrong, i like the concept just dont see how it would fit into the game

Perhaps make it so medikits still work to stop the bleeding that hurts you, but a different effect causes you to continue to bleed. Though two different bleeding effects may be confusing?

You are positively “evil”; I like you so much.

Wouldn’t blood get lost in the grass? Could work on bare ground and on rocks. And maybe people who turn off the grass would gain an advantage if blood would show in grassy areas, which the grass would ordinarily hide…

I don’t wonder if there would be a problem with a mechanic where if someone did bandage themselves they would still leave a blood trail, at least for a while.

I actually like this idea a lot. Sometimes it pisses you off when you shoot someone to a near death experience and they somehow manage to get back to their house…well now we know where you live!! Wheres my C4???

It could do like it does in real life (I actually hunt irl) the blood good be painted on the grass like say you could paint a prop with blood in half life 2 or in g-mod

Or if you wanted more of an effect, have a predatory zoom deal happen. When you are near blood your heart beats faster, and your vision narrows in the way the blood goes!~