Bleeding Effect

I am fairly new to lua and have a very basic understanding. I was wondering if anyone could help me on how to make blood drip from a body part. I have coded a bleeding script where you lose health over time and slow down as your health decreases, along with your vision blurring. I need help making a blood loss effect where it drips from you and makes a blood mark on the ground, any help is appreciated. Also if no one can help with that, how about how to make a particle at your feet any help on this would also be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance Bye! :slight_smile:

local function Bleed( ply, bonename )
    local BoneID = ply:LookupBone(bonename)
    local BonePos = ply:GetBonePosition( BoneID )
    //effect spawning

Thanks shadow : D

There is actually a particle effect in the Source Engine for this. Do your research.

Thanks Andrew :smiley: