Bleeding mod ?

Does anyone know if there is a mod or addon out there so if you get shot you start to loose blood if you dont get healed? and if you dont you will bleed out? my friend said he saw an addon like that and i am just wondering if anyone knows where i can find it for my darkrp server. Thank you for your time to read and reply to this.



anyone out there, =P

Be patient.
People will see your this Thread soon.

That would be really easy to do. Really annoying in gameplay, I’m sure, but almost definitely less than a day’s work to implement.

it would be very annoying in game, but whats the points of medics in roleplaying if you dont ever need to use them? on my server i have it where when you die, you loose your job class, you drop your weapons in your pocket, and you drop 200$, so most people dont want to loose all of that. So if someone gets shot, they will want a medic to stop the bleeding, it will bring the medic more money just as the gun dealer

that is a fantastic idea…

+Support i mean if you get shot with a gun and don’t die then you’ll die later due to blood loss

Its all about making a realistic mod, Like on my server i have custom models including max payne, niko belic, etc etc etc. My server IP is Its under [TAU] -Dark-RP, it is a customized version of dark rp, i am trying to get this blood mod on the server so it will make the medics more usefull


anyone have an idea where i could recive this mod ? it would be greatly appreciated

I might mess around with it.
I hate roleplay servers but it’s something to do.

yea, there is something always to do =P

So does anything like this exsit?

Was your friend talking about this?

no? i dont think so, i play dark RP