Bleeding status effect leaves a blood trail

I really think this would make for a really tense dynamic. You’re out harvesting and suddenly you hear the Crack of a rifle and see your HP drop and the notification that you’re bleeding flashes. You dive for cover leaving a trail of blood and desperately hit the key for bandages. Its too late though, you’ve left a big red arrow pointing your way.

For usefulness it might have to leave a trail for like like 15-30 seconds even after you bandage. Right now I feel like it’s a little too easy to escape when someone hunting you. Duck into a hill and you’re basically golden unless there’s a couple of people coordinating to find you and even then I feel like it’s easy to escape or double back and retaliate.

Perhaps having a hard to detect trail that lasts a long time and darkens as it ages (making it harder to see) would also enhance the realism factor.

I’d like to see a hostile animal that can then track/attack the injured player… a mountain lion would be cool, but even wolves would suffice.

What happens when people cant turn off grass?

I imagine this would be technically difficult to pull off but it’d be nice if the blood would stain the grass.

Last night I shot at a guy from long range in the snow and couldn’t tell if I’d hit him or not. I realized we really do need blood trails/tracks to be left if we hit an injured player. A lot of people have been asking to bring the hit indicator back, and although I did find that satisfying in Legacy, I can also see its a bit unrealistic at very long ranges. However, if I hit someone in the snow, I should be able to run over to that position and look at the snow and determine whether I hit them or not. If they ran away and were bleeding I should be able to track them.

I was just about to post about that when I thought I’d better search for blood trails/tracking and – boom-- up comes this old post in which I’d already commented before (and forgotten about).

Anyway-- now that we have snow biomes and blood splatter and bleeding, and foot prints, it really seems like we need to be able to track injured players based on blood trails.