Blekijs - UK 1 Hacker - Aimbot, ESP, Spawning Hack


There was a supply drop recently and this hacker shot me and 5 guys with a bolt action rifle (all of us in a round 1-2 seconds) we weren’t in the location but rather various point of the mountain peaks and we all looked over to see what we could see at the site before we went for it. Anyway he Headshots all of us whilst we are wearing kevlar and we have had NO chance to get our gear.

The last time i saw this hacker was 3 days ago and this was when he came to our community area and used around 300-400 c4’s to COMPLETELY De-Wall, De-Stair, De-Door every part of our base (i had a 3x3 metal base with 5 floors which required more c4 than ANY PLAYER can carry at any one time. I also believe he has ESP as ive seen him aiming round walls at us before he even knows we are there. When he comes to my base this time i will try to catch him out by live streaming on my twitch. (ill make another post later with a recording as evidence if he comes to my base again.

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(User was banned for this post ("read the sticky, missed the hackers report thread" - postal))

Yeah i quit UK 1, this guy pretty much blew my wooden house to bits and stole everything. And blew the door and doorway off the metal tower i was building and replaced them with a metal wall. Could have brushed it off as a simple raid if it wasn’t for the fact that hes previously blown down 3 bases in front of my eyes as well as headshotting people across mountains, official servers have been unplayable for the past week :confused:

Haidz come back ill help you start again its me bl4 come to carvers.