blend modulate texture

Well, I think that I have done everything right…

I got the material, with the red channel set to ~ 50 50 50 and the blue channel set to ~10 10 10, and got this texture:

This is how my VMT looks like:

	$basetexture	"moarfunz/cliff01"
	$basetexture2	"moarfunz/grass01"
	%tooltexture	"moarfunz/grass01"
	$blendmodulatetexture	"moarfunz/cliff01_module"

yet the final result, is not working.

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I got it working, but oy vey, i got into a new problem.

Is it a shader error?

try to unclamp the T and S clamps in the VTF.

I did, works great.