Blender 3d to garry's mod?

Hey all.
i started using blender 3d yesterday, i made my first model in about an hour. now i need to get it into garry’s mod. i searched on the forum and on google, but i just can’t find any tutorials or guides on how to export my model. i read somewhere that i need an smd exporter for blender 3d, but i can’t find any.

links, guides, tutorials and the likes will be greatly appreciated.

You either didn’t searched for an export script or you didn’t searched right - I googled for ‘Blender smd export’ and the first hit was this.

You must also learn how to create bones and phys boxes to be able to spawn it.

No you don’t, at least the physbox part is handled by the compiler. It makes a rough collision model around it. Of course, if you want a custom collision model, you need to do it separately.

And with Max you don’t need any bones if it’s not animated. I doubt Blender is any different.

How would a collision model be made?
by how the models look in the model viewer in hammer, you just make a lower poly invisible model around it?
but how would i SET it as a collision model…
help please ;o

Ewww, that thing is 5 years old.

He would want the exporter here:

Also, that’s a great thread for Blender related questions.