Blender and Source Engine - Questions and Problems

Hey there. I’m thinking of modelling for Source Engine via Blender, but I have some questions.

For textures:

-Does Blender support the .vmt/.vtf format(what Valve uses for textures)?

-Is there any way I can get an image scaled to my model’s size, so I don’t have to just create an image, then scale and texture it with trial and error?

For models:

-How do I rig models to bones? I want to create a player model out of my model but I don’t know where I can 1) Find the bones to rig it to, 2) Rig it to the base player animations.

-The Blender Source Tools is a plugin made for creating .smd files out of your blender model. However, when I attempt to convert my model to a .smd file, it gives me an error saying that I need to do some stuff with scenes. So, I need to create an animation for my model in order to export it? I don’t really get it… Could someone explain this in more depth to me?

Blender doesn’t support .vtf/.vmt

Also about bones. You can decompile one of hl2 human models and. Import it to your .blend file, and remove the model that skeleton uses. Then you fit that skeleton to your model, Press Model and skeleton, and press CTRL + P and select automatic weights.