Blender Bumpmapping/Specularity

Alright folks, you helped me fix my last problem and I’m hoping you can do it again. I modeled this in Blender and put it into Garry’s Mod. It’s looking pretty good but I’d like to add some specularity to the bricks and bump mapping to the grout. Does anyone know how I would do that in Blender? Is there a tutorial or something I could follow? I haven’t found much on my own.

Thanks again folks.

Alright, never mind I suppose. I’ve (mostly) figured it out. I slapped an envmap on it for the specularity then used an envmapmask. Not the most elegant solution, and I couldn’t figure out getting it to work in conjunction with a bumpmap on the grout, but I’m happy with the results.

Just make a specular mask. White is really shiny, black is no shine. All grey tones inbetween are less and less shiny(sorry I’m not very articulate).

A specular mask is basically a grey scale version of the same texture.