Blender CGF

Does anybody know how to import CGF models from Crysis into Blender 2.7?
I tried using ColladaCGF but it doesn’t work. The option to import/export doesn’t show up at all.

Edit: When I said Crysis, I meant Crysis 2. Forgot to put it in. Sorry :\

Open it with Noesis using CGF plugin and export result to dae/obj

Sorry, I meant models from Crysis 2

Doesn’t the plugin support Crysis 2 as well?

I don’t really know. I’ve never heard of it yet because this is my first time trying to port. Would you happen to have a link to noesis? I went searching on Google and I only found some forum posts about errors and stuff (well atleast I think I did).

I think it should support Crysis 2 since it’s able to open Sonic Boom models which is on a newer engine.

It does. Crysis 3 as well.

Sweet. But how do I use this? The readme.txt was kinda confusing for me.