[Blender] Compile Model w/ Multiple Objects

Hello, I’m using Blender to import some GTA V models/textures. So far I’ve got everything into place nicely to look like this:


The model, however, has many different parts and has the face/pants/etc split up with specific textures for each.
If I try to export the SMD it will export one for each of the seperate parts. And if I group them together and compile the SMD it appears to break the textures and merge the textures into one giant mess.


If anyone could give me any guidance or ideas, I would appreciate it greatly.

Also, I’m fairly new to Blender in general, so please excuse my ignorance in the modeling field.

in blender right click a part of the model then Shift+rightclick another and then press ctrl+j this will make the two things you just selected 1 piece

Yeah, I attempted to do that. When I compiled it using a small default QC file (wasn’t sure what else I needed) It only appeared to have one texture:

$modelname "proximity	est_ragdoll.mdl"
$scale 2
$body mybody "53DD18BA.smd"
$surfaceprop "metal"
$cdmaterials "proximity"
$sequence idle "53DD18BA.smd"
$collisionmodel "53DD18BA.smd" { $concave }

(exported as prop for testing purposes)

maybe you wanna rename the mesh parts to like ‘left leg’ ‘right leg’ and so on. isn’t that easy?!? also make sure every part that uses a different texture got it’s own material and a proper material name to identify it as that. ofc you can and should recycle materials in blender. and the overlapping uvmap shouldn’t be a problem with this. you don’t need to join them either. it works just using multiple $body lines in your qc to merge them into one (you named ‘mybody’) bodygroup.

You don’t have to. You can simply group those parts and they will be exported as one smd file together.