Blender export .3ds whilst maintaining object hierarchy?

Tried to sum up as best as possible in the title;
It looks like Blender is able to export .3ds, but not actually able to maintain a parent/ child hierarchy. Are there any external programs ( some sort of middleman shit editor ) or other plugins that can do this?

Trying to test out making light fixtures for a program, however the program only accepts quite strict parameters and only the .3ds file format.

Dae is pretty much supported in all modeling software and it can keep the bones/animations as well. Not sure if fbx is something you can export in blender but that would work also. If you intend on doing it with only the models then you could probably just set the pivot of each model to be where the motion is going to be i.e. the top of the lamp has a pivot, then you have a cylinder with another pivot set to the top of the cylinder, the only thing that would require you to do is relink the hierarchy in the program you transfer it to, but atleast the pivots will remain the same. One of the things about the smd exporters is that they will create bones even if you don’t skin your objects to anything, including static meshes, they all create a root bone and use the pivot of the model as its position. The worst thing that would happen is that you would have to make bone nubs and align them to the pivots of the model, skin the models to their intended bone, and relink the bones into their tree.