Blender exporting problem,Cod models and bones.

Hi guys,i have ripped Cod raw models and i wanna convert them to Gta 5 but i have to pose their arms and fingers for make it fit to gta 5 bones,but im not good at rigging and it takes time for me.Anyway recantly i realized the ripped Cod models are already has bones and they rigged and as far as I know only way to import them with their skeleton is Blender with a plugin.One of my friend helped me to found the plugin and i installed the plugin and import them but when i export them for 3dsmax they doesnt worked.I tryed many of the export formats
and only .fbx format working well but all model’s Unwrap setting coming out broken and i cant fix them,I never use blender before,am i doing something wrong while when i export them ?

If there is no way to fix this,can someone help me about rigging one of those models and give me as reference ?